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Tag: steam

Finally Got My Bungie.Net Account Ready for Transfer to Steam

I have to admit that I was confused about what would happen to my copy of Destiny 2 on the launcher, with the soon to happen Steam launch of Destiny 2.  I mean, I did not fully understand if I had to move my copy to Steam, if it was optional and would I […]

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She Sees Red is a Neat Little FMV Title

I have always been a sucker for Full Motion Video games as of late.  No, I do not mean some of the trash that was being released in the mid-1990’s.  That stuff was complete garbage, even if it did make you chuckle a bit as you watched it.  I mean, can you believe people like […]

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Lots of Changes Coming to Destiny 2

There was a ton of news that dropped today from Bungie in regards to Destiny 2.  I mean, I did not think that Destiny 2 would be stealing the early E3 2019 buzz, but here we are two days before the first events launch and Bungie is making a lot of waves. First off we […]

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