Time to Bust Up Some Spaceships in Hardspace: Shipbreaker

When we watch giant space battles in our favorite movies, did you ever actually think what happens to all those abandoned, hulking spaceships after the battle?  Well, Focus Interactive has you covered, as the 1.0 final release of Hardspace: Shipbreaker has dropped today on PC Game Pass and for purchase on Steam.  In the game you play as a simple person, cutting up derelict spaceships for scrap, so you can make some money and get out from your crushing debt.  Along the way, you will hear from colorful characters that chime in about life, space, and the fact that the corporation you work for might be exploiting you.

You can check out some screenshots from Hardspace: Shipbreaker below as well as the full release video.  And hey, the concept might sound weird, but I thought the same thing about a game delivering mail and that paid off quite nicely!


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