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So you want a little background on me?  Okay.

My involvement with gaming started back in 1978 when I received a electronic handheld Star Wars game that played an awful lot like Battleship.  You had to hunt down Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter on a 8×8 grid.  It was simple, but it got me hooked.  But I guess my first real involvement with video games as we know it was 1981 when I begged and pleaded for an Atari 2600 and was rewarded that Christmas with said console and a handful of games.  That console held me over for a bit until the summer of 1983 when I went to a computer programming class during that summer and got my hands on an Apple II+.  From that point, I was hooked on PC Gaming and was rewarded with a Tandy 1000 Model A in the Christmas of 1985 (My dad also bought me a couple of programming books to at least point me in the direction of learning more about PC coding).

Star Wars Battle Commander Game

PC gaming was my focus for many years, although I did dabble with a SNES if only to get my hands on Street Figher II, Mortal Kombat and Super Mario Kart.  But for the most part, I was a hardcore PC gamer for many years.  Fun fact, my favorite game ever on any platform was a game by the name Starflight.  Look it up if you are interested, but it was a hell of a game and a game that I sunk 400 hours into (not a joke) over a summer.

Starflight by Electronic Arts and Binary Systems

Consoles did work their way back into my life with the original Xbox as I needed a replacement DVD player and it was a cheaper alternative to buying a new DVD player.  My son also received a PS2 at some point as a birthday gift because it was full of more family friendly games for his age.  But I did get back deep into consoles when the Xbox 360 came out and I happened to run across one in 2005 just sitting on a shelf at a Best Buy and when I popped my first achievement in Hexic, I was hooked.  I became a big time Achievement Whore (yes, I played Backyard Football ’10, what about it!).

Backyard Football 10 Screen

Now I pretty much game across all platforms as I have an Xbox One X, PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and yes, a PlayStation Vita (VITA FOR LIFE!).  In 2018, I decided to dabble with streaming on Twitch and over time, I have made it a regular part of my gaming schedule.

Finally, if you are looking for me on any gaming site, you can normally find me under the name mclazyj.  The one exception is Nintendo and I have no idea what my friend code is for my Switch, but I will post it when I have a chance.

And now, you know some neat facts about me, mclazyj!