Lots of Changes Coming to Destiny 2

There was a ton of news that dropped today from Bungie in regards to Destiny 2.  I mean, I did not think that Destiny 2 would be stealing the early E3 2019 buzz, but here we are two days before the first events launch and Bungie is making a lot of waves.

First off we found out that there is a free version of Destiny 2 coming at some point in the future.  This is kind of neat and should boost player count because who doesn’t like free games, especially one with the polish that you get from Bungie.  But the news train did not stop there.  We found out the game was coming to Google Stadia, that the game would be coming to Steam and there was the possibility that the game would be hitting more digital storefronts in the future.

But the last news blast on Destiny 2 was probably the most shocking and that was the news that you can do a character transfer from the Xbox One or PC versions of Destiny 2 to the Google Stadia version of the game.  Now, I am unsure if this means your character is wiped on the old platform or continues working as advertised and the two branch into separate paths, but this is being allowed, which is cool.  Apparently however, PlayStation 4 is not part of this announcement, although the Stadia video did mention that Google was still negotiating with Sony to make this work.

The news is still coming too, as I just read that we will also get cross-platform saves of characters, and that all exclusive items have been dropped moving forward starting September 17th, 2019.  One would assume that is when the PlayStation 4 exclusive timer runs out, but it is cool to think that I can have one Guardian that will cross over to whatever platform I am playing on.

Now if we could just get Cross-Play to happen, that would be perfect, but hey, its not all rain.

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