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Category: E3 2019

Where, Oh Where Nintendo, Was Bayonetta 3

So Nintendo had their E3 Direct broadcast this morning and it was packed full of neat announcements for the Nintendo faithful.  And yet, I was bummed by the one announcement that was missing from the broadcast – Bayonetta 3.  I thought maybe I might have missed something when I walked out of the room, but […]

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Lets Be Honest, Keanu Made Microsoft Great Again

If there was one press conference that I was anticipating for the past few weeks at E3, it would have to be Microsoft. This is a company that has been through the ringer this generation, with a bad launch of a console, and from that point, have never really recovered.  For most, this conference was […]

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So What Exactly is Going on with Anthem at Electronic Arts

Man oh man, how six months can change the look of a game.  Case in point is the game Anthem, which only came out in February of 2019.  There was a ton of anticipation for this game on the precipice of its release.  Anthem had a troubled beta and because of the lack of information […]

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Lots of Changes Coming to Destiny 2

There was a ton of news that dropped today from Bungie in regards to Destiny 2.  I mean, I did not think that Destiny 2 would be stealing the early E3 2019 buzz, but here we are two days before the first events launch and Bungie is making a lot of waves. First off we […]

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Looking Behind the Announcement of Google Stadia

So after getting some general ideas from Google about the Stadia device, today brought a lot of the nuts and bolts about the costs and delivery methods for the Google Stadia.  Overall, there were a few surprises, but the big thing is that your appreciation of the service may be dependent on your bandwidth and […]

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Microsoft Talks Game Pass for PC and the Return of Win32

A few months ago the president of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, mentioned that Xbox Game Pass would be coming to PC at some point.  However, he did leave out the details of how this would work on PC.  I mean, let’s face it, the UMP platform and the Windows Store has not exactly been hitting it […]

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