Breaking a Personal Gamerscore Milestone

I know that we have moved 17 years past the debut of the Xbox Gamerscore, there are a lot of people that don’t really pay attention to their score or the achievements they pop any more.  But I am here to tell you that here in the house of mclazyj, we absolutely care about about Gamerscore.  We still enjoy looking at the achievements we have popped, and which ones we are missing, and yes, which ones could be easy to get.

For me, I passed another big milestone from a Gamerscore standpoint, as I have popped 200,000 Gamerscore.  I found it appropriate that my score was such that when I popped this 50 point achievement in Somerville, it took me to 200,001.  Yes, exactly 1 point over 200K.

Its funny that even now, in 2022, I still love hearing the achievement sound when I pop one on the Xbox.  That little Toast message and sound still fills me with joy.  I genuinely love getting achievements.  I sometimes go out of my way to play a game I might not care about, because I hear it might have some easy achievements.  And Game Pass has made these pursuits even better, as I get to try for achievements in games, I might have wanted to play, but did not have the budget to buy.

So yes, I will continue finding those achievements, and I look forward to coming back here at some point and celebrating passing 300K in the future.