So What are the Best Settings or Bitrate for Streaming

So first off, the only reason I am really writing this entry is because I have fiber Internet finally coming to my apartment (fingers crossed) and I really don’t know what I should do in regards to bitrates, how many P’s to use and how many frames to send.  It has become a confusing mess for me.

In the beginning when I thought about it, I just though, output your stream to 1080p/60 and you are good to go.  I mean, isn’t that the golden standard that everyone talks about.  The perfect setting for any stream.  It offers picture perfect clarity and more frames that most could want or see.  And then I started reading articles like this one.

Of course, that blew my mind, as I did not really ever think about the end user and their speeds.  I only thought of my current lowly speeds and I figured that once I had a fat Fiber pipeline coming in the house, the sky was the limit for the P’s and the FPS’s.  But it seems that is a wrong mode of thinking and that maybe I should go with the balance of 720p and 60fps with a high bitrate, in the range of 4000 or higher (I guess Twitch will only allow up to 6000).

OBS users have some input on this as well (which is of interest to me since I use the Streamlabs variant of OBS) and I did like the arguments that were made again for the lower resolution with higher frame rates and bitrates.

But what about you out there reading this article?  Maybe you can comment below and give me your thoughts on this one.  I would appreciate it.