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Category: Errata

Sorry For The Long Absence

Things have been a little hectic in the real world and that has taken some time from me keeping this blog up-to-date.  Sure, not exactly an excuse, but hey its what I have to give. To sum it up, I have been dealing with a lot of college stuff in regards to my son.  He […]

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Remember to Take Care of Yourself

While playing games and streaming is all fun and games, sometimes, we have to remember that we need our bodies to be healthy to participate in those opportunities.  I know that most of those in the gaming hobby and streaming are young, we all get older every day and if you are not taking care […]

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Starting This Thing Anew

You might have noticed that this blog had not been updated in some time.  It even got hacked at one point.  So I decided to not even bother rebuilding this and went with the approach to start it anew.  I can’t guarantee that I will have a ton of posts here, but I am thinking […]

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