Not the Red Dead Redemption Remake We Thought We Would Get

It was interesting to hear the rumor mill over the last month or so talking about a rumored Red Dead Redemption remake happening for current consoles and PC.  I mean, that would be awesome, as the only way you can play Red Dead Redemption on a current console is via backwards compatibility on the Xbox Series X/S.  Also, PC players have never been able to play it as it has never been released for anything but the two original consoles it came out on.

So when the news dropped today about the Red Dead Redemption remastered game, I think the response was muted.  First off, it is only coming to PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 and the Nintendo Switch.  There is still no PC port, and the Xbox Series X/S did not get a release on this one either.  Continuing the less than stellar news, it also states that it is 30fps, vs the rumored 60fps, and it is not really updated for current gen consoles.  You do get the Undead Nightmare DLC included, but honestly, they just ported over the version that is currently running on Xbox one would assume.  Except at least that one gets some benefits from Microsoft adding upscaled 4K support via the hardware and Xbox Boost.  None of that is present here in the Switch or PS4/PS5 version. 

And if you get Red Dead Redemption on the switch, it might be a streamed version, although I am trying to see if that is actually the case or not.  I will put an update here when I get something for certain, but I am getting mixed signals on that one.

All of this will drop for $50.  Yep, you can buy a scaled 2010 version of Red Dead Redemption in 2023 for $49.99.  This really does not seem like a great idea Rockstar.