Terminator Resistance Finally Gets an Xbox Series X/S Port

If you forgot about it, there was a Terminator game that was released in 2019 that ended up being pretty dang good, and that would be Terminator Resistance.  It dropped on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.  It was a mix of action, and story elements that built on the Terminator franchise  and even added some cool lore. 

Fast forward a year or two with the new consoles, and the PlayStation 5 got a nice new upgraded version of the game, and the upgrade was free if I remember correctly.  It fixed some framerate issues, and made the game look a lot better.  Sadly though, the Xbox did not get the upgraded version.  It also missed out on the DLC package that added a new chapter to the game.

Finally, though, the wait is over and Terminator Resistance The Complete Edition, is now dropping in upgraded Xbox Series X/S glory.  It gets the same bells and whistles treatment that the game got on PlayStation 5, but includes the DLC for one low price.

If you skipped out on this game, I would recommend picking it up as it is a really good game that mixes elements of Fallout, Call of Duty and Telltale Games all in one.  It is not a master of any one of these, but it is solid enough in each that you should have a great time for 10-12 hours.  Add in a couple more for the DLC, and the Infiltrator mode, where you play as the T-800, and you get a great bundle for one price.  And if you already own a digital copy of the original game on Xbox One, you will get a discounted upgrade to the new package.


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