Change the Story in The Walking Dead: Destinies

At this point in time, most people know all the stories in The Walking Dead.  Game Mill is going to try and flip the script on the show that you know with The Walking Dead: Destinies.  In this new game coming on November 17th, you will have a chance to change major points in The Walking Dead. 

You will start the game as Rick Grimes, but from there, you will be faced with choices to change the outcome of the story that you know and love.  Do you go with Rick or Shane to lead your group of survivors?  Maybe you side with the governor, or just take him out.  All of these choices will influence future events, changing up The Walking Dead universe. 

Spliced in between these decision moments, you are tasked with choosing a team of heroes to go out and take down hordes of zombies.  You will collect resources from the world, as you will always be balancing your ammo and other items to make sure you never run out.

I have to admit that I like the premise.  You take a well worn story that people know, and flip the script with some major decision points along the way.  The only worry is whether the zombie


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stuff will get repetitive, or if there is enough variance to keep things fresh for several hours.  You can find out for yourself on most major platforms digitally on November 17th, with physical copies coming a month later.