A Friendly Bot to Fight Those Pesky Twitch Hate Raids

I have been fighting a good fight over the last week against hate bots on my Twitch stream, but I am not making great headway.  I seemingly spend ten minutes of a stream banning hate raiders.  If you are on Twitch, you immediately cringe when you see the bots show up in your chat (no, I will not give them the pleasure of naming them).  It can be very frustrating to go through this and never make any progress.

Yesterday, my good friend Tentaskyr gave me the heads up on a new bot that is out there helping automate the fight against hate raid bots.  The bot in question is Sery_Bot.  This bot’s one purpose in life is the fight hate bots that jump in your channel.  It will autoban them as soon as it sees them and it is regularly updated with new account names that are created.  You just have to head over to the Sery_Bot Twitch channel and type !join.  From there, it will ask you to authenticate, and then you just have to make the bot a mod via the command /mod sery_bot.

Just a heads up for anyone that is tired like me of manually fighting these asshole hate bots.