The Blackout Club is a Ton of Fun to Stream

A few months ago, I was supposed to put on a co-op stream with my streaming buddies, @Sevaskyr and @Arbesa.  We were going to try a new game called The Blackout Club, but sadly, I could not make it on that morning and I am sad that this was the case.  We finally got around to playing The Blackout Club this morning and holy crap is that game a ton of fun to stream with friends.

If you are unaware of The Blackout Club, the game is currently available on Steam, but be warned, the game is in early access.  You play one of several 15 year old kids that know something is wrong in their neighborhood, but no one will believe them.  Parents brush them off as being paranoid, and because the city apparently has no Internet access (HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE IN 2019?!?!), you go out at night and find out the truth to show the people.  You find parents roaming as sleepwalking attackers, nasty traps and of course, a crazed manager of this chaos called the The Shape.  In a twist to the standard game mechanics that you would think to find here, you can only see the main enemy of the game if you have your eyes closed.

If none of this is explaining The Blackout Club well enough, just imagine if the Babysitters Club was imported into a weird alternate dimension where Dead By Daylight was located.  You have missions that you are assigned to root out the truth.  Each mission will have three to four goals and then an exit point to get back to your hideout.  Make it out and you advance to more complicated missions, fail and you will become a prisoner of The Shape and you have to restart the mission.

Things are procedurally generated, in that locations for your quest items will change, so you will never know exactly where you will need to go to get to quest objectives.  I also like that there are no guns.  Weapons are all defensive like a stun gun, or a tranquilizer bolt for a crossbow.

The game is fine if you want to play with randoms, but if you can get a posse together to play on a stream, the ensuing mayhem is incredibly fun and will provide both scares and laughs along the way.  Blackout Club is janky and don’t be surprised if you run into a host of glitches along the way while streaming and playing.  I mean, there was literally a 1.2GB patch for the game the day before I played it and there are regular updates.  This makes me feel good because it does mean that the developers are still working on the game and have not abandoned it like the fate of many an early access title on Steam.

So give the game a shot sometime on stream, as you might find it to be a neat few hours with some friends.


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