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Remembering Stan Lee

When I first heard the news that Stan Lee had passed away, part of me was not surprised.  I mean, the man had been in semi-poor health for the last few months, and when you get to 95 years of age, you have lived a full and long life.  Even though I was not surprised, […]

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How Are You Celebrating N7Day

Yes, it is November 7th, and while some are pouring over reams of post-election information, there is something far larger to celebrate today – N7Day.  It is the iconic day that Mass Effect fans celebrate the franchise in many ways.  For me personally, it is the day that I get to talk with other fans […]

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Get Out and Do Your Civic Duty Today

I try to stay fairly apolitical when it comes to my streams, but I did want to give a friendly reminder to anyone reading in America that today is when you are asked to perform one of your three civic duties – voting.  Most don’t look at this ability to freely vote on the candidate […]

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Ran Into Another Red Dead Redemption 2 Bug Which is a Little More Serious

Once again, I have run into another issue which I was a little unaware of with Red Dead Redemption 2 and this one is a little more detrimental if you are trying to get 100% completion. In chapter two of Red Dead Redemption 2, you start off with an early mission with Uncle called “Polite […]

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is Not For Those Without Patience

I have put about twenty hours into Red Dead Redemption 2 and have loved most of it.  It can be dynamic, funny and dramatic.  Sadly, it can also be a game that will drive you to the brink of your patience.  Now before you start to overload me with spam comments over this sentence, at […]

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Ran Into a Weird Glitch with Red Dead Redemption 2 Install

I am probably not the only one that worked to get home after work on Friday to play a bit of Red Dead Redemption 2.  I mean, this is probably the most anticipated game of 2018 and one would figure it would not disappoint. I for one was in this exact same boat.  I got […]

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Sometimes You Have to Say No to Streaming

If you are a good streamer, you have set up a schedule and posted it everywhere you can to make sure people know when you will be streaming.  It was something I learned late and have adapted a schedule.  However, there is something you should be aware of when you are trying to keep that […]

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Doing A Sweet Giveaway for Hitting 200 Followers on Twitch

Earlier this month, I broke another milestone on Twitch – 200 followers (actually 227 right now but who’s counting).  And to celebrate, I decided that I wanted to do a giveaway for all that support, so I am doing a $50 Amazon Gift Card giveaway for those that are interested.  Go ahead and check out […]

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Starting This Thing Anew

You might have noticed that this blog had not been updated in some time.  It even got hacked at one point.  So I decided to not even bother rebuilding this and went with the approach to start it anew.  I can’t guarantee that I will have a ton of posts here, but I am thinking […]

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