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Category: Streaming

Some Changes Coming to the mclazyj Discord Soon

This is more of a heads up article than anything else, but there will be some changes to the mclazyj Discord in the future.  Right now, there isn’t much to say on the subject as there are some discussions, but the changes should be good and more importantly, promote a more active chat.  Yes, I […]

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The Blackout Club is a Ton of Fun to Stream

A few months ago, I was supposed to put on a co-op stream with my streaming buddies, @Sevaskyr and @Arbesa.  We were going to try a new game called The Blackout Club, but sadly, I could not make it on that morning and I am sad that this was the case.  We finally got around […]

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Finding a Work/Life/Stream Balance

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a proper balance when trying to be a part-time streamer.  For those that are young, you might just have to worry about work, but for those of us that are a little older, there can be a myriad of things that take up time that we need to […]

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