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Remember to Take Care of Yourself

While playing games and streaming is all fun and games, sometimes, we have to remember that we need our bodies to be healthy to participate in those opportunities.  I know that most of those in the gaming hobby and streaming are young, we all get older every day and if you are not taking care of that body when you are young, it will cause you bigger problems when you are older.

I mean, I look back at all the soda I chugged, and lack of exercise that I participated in and now I am looking at the possibility of blood pressure issues and kidney stones.

Yes, I am working on fixing the issues right now, with upping my exercise routines and drinking a whole lot more water, but the idea is that I could have minimized or fixed a lot of these issues if I would have taken care of my body a lot better when I was younger.  So I am not preaching to people out there, but look at the image from the top of this post.  Do you want to pee out 108 of these things from your body?  Because I have done that over the last 15 years and I completely regret it now every time I have to pee one of these nuggets out.

So take a half hour out of your day to exercise.  Drink another 8 ounces of water.  Do what you can to make some minor changes now so you are not faced with major issues later in life.