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Sunset Overdrive Comes to PC But is Not Part of Xbox Anywhere

Sunset Overdrive was a great experience for those that bought it on the Xbox One when it came out four years ago.  It was an expert implementation of a unique vision from Insomniac Games and a solid exclusive for those that owned an Xbox One console.  I for one really enjoyed the game, but it was not the sales success that was expected from this title.  It was also a bit upsetting that the game never came to the PC platform…until now.

Yes, it was announced today that Sunset Overdrive is out on PC on both the Windows Store and the Steam Marketplace.  So of course, this meant that I went to the Windows Store to grab a copy of it on my PC since I just assumed as it being a first party title, it would be part of the Xbox Anywhere program.  Sadly it is not.  If you own this game on Xbox, it will be a $20 purchase on the PC for you to own it there as well.

I am a bit conflicted with this situation.  I really wanted the game on PC and it is annoying it is not part of the Xbox Anywhere program.  But on the other hand, it is a new set of achievements, which does appeal to the Achievement Whore in me.

The good thing here, even with the idea of having to buy the game again, you get the full game and all of its DLC on Steam or the Windows Store for that $20, which is a steal for a game that offers a ton of gameplay, so I would highly recommend the game to anyone that does not own it.