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How Are You Celebrating N7Day

Yes, it is November 7th, and while some are pouring over reams of post-election information, there is something far larger to celebrate today – N7Day.  It is the iconic day that Mass Effect fans celebrate the franchise in many ways.  For me personally, it is the day that I get to talk with other fans of the series, the ups and the downs and just having a good time on Twitter.

It is also a day where I can be sad that we will not see that Quarian Ark DLC for Mass Effect Andromeda as we know that Bioware has written off the game and that we will never see a finish to that series.

But overall it is a time to have some fun, and think about a science fiction series that was iconic in the way that it allowed you to carry over decisions from one game to the next to create a long running narrative.  It was something that we saw carried over to the Dragon Age series, but even there, it did not follow the one central character that we did with Shepard.  When you hear people talk about Mass Effect, you hear them talk in great detail about “their Shepard” and the feats they conquered through three games.  Yes, many were not happy with the end of the third game in the series, but there was no way, I think, for Bioware to end this game in a way that would make fans happy.

It also didn’t help that Mass Effect Andromeda started as a grand scope game, and came out as a very trimmed title with many animation bugs, a lack of explorable planets (just the core five locations) and a story that was a little jumbled.  But still I have played through it twice and have enjoyed it on many levels, especially in its current patched state.  Yes, that DLC I mentioned earlier was a sad blow that it never will see the light of day, but it did open up a new universe that could be filled with new ideas and stories.

I have no clue where the series will take us in the future, but I am hopeful that we will see a new game sooner than later.  How or where it takes place, I have no clue, but I loved Casey Hudson’s sly addressing of the future of the series – WHAT IS ON THAT CUP!?!?!?

And just in case you are itching to play it again, or have not played it yet, Mass Effect Andromeda did get that Xbox One X Enhancement patch with 4K and HDR graphics.