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Get Out and Do Your Civic Duty Today

I try to stay fairly apolitical when it comes to my streams, but I did want to give a friendly reminder to anyone reading in America that today is when you are asked to perform one of your three civic duties – voting.  Most don’t look at this ability to freely vote on the candidate of your choice as being a big deal but when you realize that there are many parts of the world that do not get to vote freely, it is a big deal.

It doesn’t matter who you vote for, but just get out and vote so your voice can be heard.  It is not about winning or losing, Republican, Democrat or any other party loyalty.  It is about being a part of the process.  And remember that you really have no right to complain if you are not trying to participate in the free political process.

And if you are unsure as to where to vote, you can easily go to your Secretary of State website and they will have helpful links to get you to the right polling place.  Sadly, it is too late to register in most states (I know there are a couple that do allow same day registration), but go to your Secretary of State website, post office or even your DMV and they will have registration forms available.

So what are you waiting for, go out and get your “I Voted” sticker and participate in the political process!