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Ran Into Another Red Dead Redemption 2 Bug Which is a Little More Serious

Once again, I have run into another issue which I was a little unaware of with Red Dead Redemption 2 and this one is a little more detrimental if you are trying to get 100% completion.

In chapter two of Red Dead Redemption 2, you start off with an early mission with Uncle called “Polite Society, Valentine Style”.  It is probably one of the first missions you can undertake at the beginning of chapter two.  The problem is that if you fail the mission at any point and select the Retry Checkpoint option after failure, you will lose access to three characters in the camp that have side and story missions.  These would be John Marston, Abigail and Sadie.  Yeah, that first one is pretty significant if you ask me as he is the protagonist of the first game and I am assuming there will be interactions that focus the narrative of that game with John.

So far, it seems the only way to remedy the issue is to make sure to restart the mission from the beginning vs. trying to use a Retry from Checkpoint option.

Worse still is that Rockstar has address the issue, but has made no mention of a patch, which leave me in a bind.  Do I put the game down and wait for a patch, do I restart from my save at the beginning of chapter two, which means replaying about four to five hours of the game, or do I just eat it and move on.  It means I will not regain access to those characters until chapter four, but I don’t have to grind through a chunk of the game again.  I did check to make sure I was affected as I know I retried from a checkpoint, and I have not been able to find those three characters anywhere in my camp, so I am a bit irritated at this point.

I know it is a little late now to be finding out about this patch, but how does this affect you?  Will you restart, wait for a patch or move on with the game and just know you will not have the option to get 100% possibly in the game?

Got my original info on this from Forbes