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Red Dead Redemption 2 is Not For Those Without Patience

I have put about twenty hours into Red Dead Redemption 2 and have loved most of it.  It can be dynamic, funny and dramatic.  Sadly, it can also be a game that will drive you to the brink of your patience.  Now before you start to overload me with spam comments over this sentence, at least read to the end of the post to get what I mean.

I have limited time to game on a daily basis.  So I want a game to respect my time when I play.  Red Dead Redemption 2 is a game that does not always look to respect my time.  Coming from a game like Grand Theft Auto V, where you can get from A to B fairly quickly, it can be a chore when you have to go between to diametrically opposed points on the map.  Horse travel should be slow, but holy crap does it seem to take forever to get to a place on the map in this game.  When you go to camp, you can’t just run over to your bunk and go to sleep.  Instead, you mosey along in camp with a walk to go to another tent feeling like an eternity.

I get the idea of wanting to simulate the idea of being in the old west, but sometimes, I want to get to a location in a hot second.  And yes, I know there is a fast travel option available in the game, but it is something you have to unlock down the tree in your camp management book (don’t get me started about camp management) and even if you do get it, it is more of a one direction fast travel.  You still have to work your way back to where you were the old fashioned way of a slow trot on a horse.  Yes, I could use a stagecoach as well in some instances, but that just costs me a small chunk of money each time I use one.

Rockstar, just let me run to my bunk or click on a map to get somewhere.  I may not want to fast travel all the time, but sometimes, I just need to optimize my gaming time and with a game that can easily suck up a hundred hours of my time.