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Ran Into a Weird Glitch with Red Dead Redemption 2 Install

I am probably not the only one that worked to get home after work on Friday to play a bit of Red Dead Redemption 2.  I mean, this is probably the most anticipated game of 2018 and one would figure it would not disappoint.

I for one was in this exact same boat.  I got out of work promptly at 4:30PM on Friday and added a few extra miles on the end of my 48 mile commute home to stop at Best Buy to pick up my copy of RDR2 (thank you Gamers Club Unlocked).  I took it home and popped in the first disc to start the install while I was recording this week’s episode of You Like the Worst Stuff.

My wife was nice enough to swap out the discs when asked which meant I was ready to run wild in the old west in Red Dead 2.  Well, until I was not.  If you watch my Friday night stream, you will see a man that is irritated as the game refuses to load.  It locked up at the main menu, would get caught in an endless boot loop and sometimes wouldn’t even get past the splash screen, instead going to a black screen that never loaded the main menu.

While I was trying all sorts of little things to fix the issue, viewer TwitchyTacoz found me the answer that had alluded me for 45 minutes on my stream – there was a weird issue with the Early Alpha/Alpha Xbox One preview program and Red Dead Redemption 2.

So if you are stuck at this point (hopefully not), note that these were the instructions I found on Reddit the other day to fix the issue

  • Uninstall the game
  • Pop in the Play Disc to start the installation
  • When prompted to download the patch, say no/cancel the patch
  • Pop in the second disc when prompted
  • install any DLC after the second disc has finished installing
  • Boot the game which will then prompt the patch to install
    • say yes this time

Once I went through these hoops, everything started working and I got to actually stream the game…on Saturday night as I was just too frustrated to deal with it on Friday after an hour of jumping through hoops.  I instead jumped into some Car Porn with Forza Horizon 4 for a bit.  But if you are still having an issue or run into this issue if you are purchasing the game late, I hope it helps, as it worked for me.