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Sometimes You Have to Say No to Streaming

If you are a good streamer, you have set up a schedule and posted it everywhere you can to make sure people know when you will be streaming.  It was something I learned late and have adapted a schedule.  However, there is something you should be aware of when you are trying to keep that schedule – Don’t Force It.

I have always tried to push myself to stream as often as possible, normally with the mentality that the only way that my channel can grow is to have tons of stream time.  It meant that I was streaming to an unhealthy extreme.  It meant losing many hours of sleep, not eating or hydrating all that well and generally just not spending enough time with my family.  It also meant that I was streaming at times when I just really wasn’t feeling like streaming.

So I moved to a set schedule, four days on and three days off and if I felt up to streaming on those other days, I would go ahead and stream.  But it gave me a way to have time to myself, or to spend with my family.  A schedule ended up being very important.  It also let others know when they could guarantee that I would be in front of a camera streaming.

But even with that schedule, I have started to learn that if you are not feeling up to streaming, I won’t go on camera.  I will make a notification to my followers in my Discord and on my Twitter.  My reasoning is that pushing yourself to stream when you are not feeling it will show to those that come and watch you.  You just end up putting off a vibe that cannot be hidden.  Your delivery may be flat or you might be off in your gameplay, and worse, you might snap at those in your chat, losing a dedicated follower in the process.

Keeping a schedule is important and having a schedule is important, but know when to skip a day when you need it.  Your followers will understand and your stream will be better for it.  It is a lesson I still have to force into my brain, but it is a lesson I am happy to learn as I think it makes my stream better.